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We are able to place an aircraft on short, medium or long term contracts for major tour operators, industry demands, incentives and exhibitions, corporate business and group travel. Excellent service and flexibility make Cretan Wings the airline of choice

AirlineSub Charter

Cretan wings modern aircraft are primed and ready to go to the aid of other airlines

anytime an unexpected problem arises.
We are able to provide short notice Go Now flight solutions with ultimate efficiency.
On standby 24-7, when aircraft and crew are available, we are capable of launching our aircraft within just 120 minutes of flight confirmation, whenever a rapid response is required.


Aircraft Leasing

We have a great deal of experience in providing airlines across the globe with aircraft for short,

medium and long term wet lease.
Carriers can rely on us when additional coverage is required due to the late delivery of an aircraft, an unexpected technical issue, planned maintenance or simply to bolster the fleet at peak times.
We can also procure aircraft for specific longer term projects.